Back-to-Basics: 7 Street Photography Tips for Beginners

Photographer Evan Raft recently published a list of 7 helpful, back-to-basics tips for anybody who is interested in getting started with street photography. If you're a beginner, this video is a great place to start before going out and trying to capture your first few street shots.

Nine DIY Filmmaking and Photography Hacks Using Cardboard

YouTuber Jordy of recently put together a list of DIY filmmaking and photography hacks that are proving to be quite popular. In just under 7 minutes, he covers 9 hacks, all of which use cardboard to make the magic happen.

7 Simple Camera Hacks in 90 Seconds

This is one of those cases where the headline does most of the work. In the video above, commercial and lifestyle photographer Pav SZ has squeezed seven simple camera hacks that you should definitely try into just 90 seconds of demonstration.