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Woman Hospitalized After Posing with Venomous Octopus for Photo Contest


File this under “bizarre news of the day.” A Washington woman was forced to go to the hospital after she posed with a venomous octopus attached to her face to try and win a photo competition.

As originally reported by KIRO 7 news, Jamie Bisceglia took the fateful picture on August 2nd at a Tacoma Narrows fishing derby. Some fishermen she met up with had hooked the octopus, and she decided to take a picture with it attached to her face for the derby’s photo contest. “It was a photo contest in the derby,” she told the news station. “So, crazy me, hindsight now and looking back, I probably made a big mistake.”

Once the octopus had latched onto her face with its tentacles, it bit her in the cheek twice, injecting venom that left Bisceglia in “incredible pain.” Her face swelled up and, after 2 days of holding out in the hopes that the pain or swelling might fade, she finally went to the ER.

Bisceglia certainly learned a valuable lesson—one that will stay with her for at least a couple months. She was given three different antibiotics, but tells KIRO 7, “I’m still in pain.” Worse yet, doctors tell her the swelling can “come and go… for months.” A hefty price to pay for the chance to win a local photo contest…

(via New York Post)