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The Instagram Problem: Is Instagram Altering Your Creative Vision?


UK-based photographer and YouTuber Jamie Windsor recently shared an interesting video about what he calls “The Instagram Problem for Photographers.” Namely: that Instagram has quickly become the default method for sharing your work with the world.

On the face of it, this might not seem like a big deal. After all, as Windsor himself points out, it can be incredibly beneficial to “connect with potentially millions of people and instantly share your work with others.” The problem arises when Instagram begins to define your creative vision—when every photograph you take is crafted with that low-resolution digital box in mind.

For photographers who have become stuck in that mindset, Windsor recommends taking a step back and thinking about your photos as a holistic work of art:

“Choos[ing] how to present [your] work is an important part of the artwork, it’s part of the story and the concept,” says Windsor. “Try to think about how your audience could experience your work, rather than just see it.”

Watch the full video above to hear Windor’s whole monologue on the subject. And if you need to hear a few more arguments in favor of printing your photos, there are several more to be found in the PetaPixel archives.