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Artistic Duo Create Intricate Miniature Worlds for Creative Snail Photos


Artist duo Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland have created an incredibly charming and impressive series of images and videos that feature snails living a very active, very human life in an intricate miniature world of their very own.

The photos have recently gone viral online, and one look will reveal why: the worlds that Murawski and Copeland have created and downright incredible. The attention to detail is stunning.

From bathroom stalls, to bowling alleys, to a cameo on Wheel of Fortune and beyond, each micro scene draws you in and makes it almost believable that the snails are really living this fictional life—sharing meals, conducting science experiments, or checking into a roadside motel at the end of a long day’s drive.

Speaking with Colossal, Murawski revealed that creating these scenes is “very rooted in play and experimentation.” An individual scene can take several days before they get it right, and involves all sorts of creative problem solving along the way.

“We are always looking for new ways to construct different elements in a scene and trying varied techniques to create depth and motion in our work,” Murawski tells Colossal. “It is a really fun challenge for us to come up with these scenes and to find different ways to execute it so it feels believable and lived in.”

Check out a selection of Murawski and Copeland’s creations below:

To see more, or if you want to purchase a print of your favorite snail scene, head over to Murawski’s Instagram or visit her website.

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photos by Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland, used with permission.