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5 Tips for Breaking Out of a Creative Rut and Staying Creative


Photographer Jamie Windsor made this inspiring 8-minute video in which he shares 5 tips for breaking out of a creative rut in your photography and staying creative.

“So I worked out that creative block happens for me when my conscious mind falls out of sync with my intuition,” Windsor writes. “What I mean by this is that when I’m creating something, my intuition (or my subconscious mind) is coming up with ideas and my conscious mind is forming it into something coherent.”

“But when I get into a creative rut, it’s like my subconscious mind’s engine has stalled and my conscious mind is left trying to run things,” Windsor says. “But the problem with this is my conscious mind can only see what it can immediately access and that can both impact my creativity and my motivation.”

Here’s a rundown of the 5 tips Windsor came up with for restarting his creative engine:

1. Stop Trying
2. Change Location
3. See Other People
4. Stop Worrying
5. Give Up on Bad Ideas

Watch the video above to hear Windsor’s explanation for these tips and why they work. You can also find more of Windsor’s photos on his website and videos on his popular YouTube channel.

(via Jamie Windsor via Fstoppers)