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5 Camera Tricks… for Cheapskates


Need a chuckle? Alex over at I did a thing made this 4.5-minute tongue-in-cheek video showing 5 creative camera tricks you can use… if you’re a cheapskate.

“Can’t afford to buy expensive camera gear or you would prefer to spend it on beverages?” Alex says. “Don’t worry, I have your back! And your legs, feet and head.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the golden nuggets of wisdom you’ll find in the tutorial:

Tip #1: “BLT” Camera Slider. When you don’t have money for a real camera slider but you have a fridge.

Tip #2: Rat Camera Angle. Having a family is handy for capturing a rat’s-eye-view of the world.

Tip #3: The Balaklava Trick. You can create a pro-level suspenseful video for just the price of a Balaklava.

Tip #4: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beer-holder. How to shoot pro video of beer being poured.

Tip #5: Beer Goggles. A quick way to capture the world through the eyes of a drunk person.

Alex is the same guy who previously shared a much more legitimately helpful tutorial on how you can create a do-it-yourself periscope for underwater shooting for about $10.