Aquaman Has an Impressive Arsenal of Leica Cameras

Guess who’s a fan of Leica cameras? Aquaman. Actor Jason Momoa has an impressive collection of Leica cameras and lenses, and he’s apparently working on a special project with the company.

Momoa, whose mother was a photographer, took to his Instagram account this week to share his love for his precious Leica cameras:

He has both vintage Leicas like a 1958 M2 and a 1930 Leitz 73mm lens as well as the latest models like the Leica M10-D and a Noctilux.

Momoa was featured on Leica’s Instagram account a few times over the past year:

Momoa is just one of many celebrities who are known to be passionate Leica shooters — Seal and Lenny Kravitz are two other prominent users. Leica cameras have also been growing as a status symbol among celebrities, something the New York Times noted in 2012.

(via Hypebeast via Leica Rumors)

Image credits: Header still frames from video by Jason Momoa