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You Can Get Your Hands On Super-Detailed 3D Renders of Popular Leica Cameras… for a Price


That iconic Leica red dot doesn’t come cheap… not even in the virtual world. A company called Humster3D recently created some ultra-detailed, high-quality 3D models of several popular Leica cameras and made them available for download… for a price.

As far as Leicas are concerned, Humster has put together models of the Leica M Typ. 240, the M Monochrom in black and silver, the regular M9 in black and steel grey, and the Leica T in silver.


These 3D models are incredibly well made, capturing even subtle details, and are available in 17 different formats so you can match it to your preferred rendering program. And while a real Leica M9 will run you about $3,700, the render will only cost $95.

It might seem expensive for a digital render of a real camera, but the attention to detail is truly impressive and goes far beyond what most people could render on their own without spending many (and many more) hours slaving in front of the computer.

(via La Vida Leica via PopPhoto)