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Lenny Kravitz Publishing a Photo Book and May Have a Special Edition Leica Named After Him



It looks like musician Lenny Kravitz is going to have a busy 2015 in the world of photography. The Leica shooter has announced a new photo book containing images captured by Kravitz himself documenting life on the road as a rock star. What’s more, we may soon see a limited edition Leica M rangefinder named after him.

The Book


Kravitz’s new photo book, titled “Flash,” is a hardcover book comprising 96 pages and 50 duotone photographs.

It’s a “thrilling collection [that] documents Kravtiz’s world tours, offering a rare record of the nomadic musical life,” the description says.

Kravitz has been interested in cameras since childhood, and in recent years photographer friends of his have taught him the fundaments of photography using a Leica M rangefinder. He is often seen with one by his side:

As a celebrity constantly under the watchful eye of paparazzi and the public, Kravitz uses his interest in photography as a way to turn the cameras back on the people photographing him.

Here are some of the photographs found in the book:






You can purchase a copy of “Flash” on Amazon for $34.

The Camera


Leica will reportedly be announcing a limited edition Leica M 240 that’s named after Kravitz. It is said to feature a coated brass exterior as a tribute to the world of music. We may hear an official announcement in the very near future.

Image credits: Photograph of Lenny Kravitz by Larry Darling