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How to Use the World’s Largest Polaroid Camera


Back in its heyday, Polaroid made seven 20×24-inch instant cameras, and only six of them are known to exist today. Marco Christian Krenn of Analog Things recently paid a visit to the camera found at Supersense in Vienna. In this 10-minute video, Krenn shows how this ultra-rare camera is used.

We get to see the chemistry pods and finely-tuned rollers in the processor, which, unlike mainstream Polaroid cameras, is separate from the camera itself.

The camera weighs over 235 pounds (107kg), and its film holder is huge.

After setting up some studio lighting, Krenn shoots a portrait using the camera and processes it by rolling the positive and negative papers and chemistry pods through the processor.

Peeling the papers apart, and voila! The photo emerges.

You can find more of Krenn’s photos and videos on Instagram and YouTube.

Image credits: Still frames from video by Marco Christian Krenn/Analog Things and used with permission