Nikon Has TWO Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras On the Way: Report

Nikon reportedly has not one, but two full-frame mirrorless cameras on the way, and a first full set of rumored specs has appeared.

Nikon Rumors is hearing that the two different mirrorless cameras will offer different sensor resolutions: one reportedly features 24 to 25 megapixels and the other shoots around 45 to 48 megapixels.

Sony, the current front-runner in full-frame mirrorless cameras, also offers a number of different models with different strengths, specs, and price points (e.g. the a9, a7 III, and a7R III).

Both cameras are reportedly similar in dimensions to Sony’s a7 full frame mirrorless camera. If true, here’s what the camera’s size would roughly look like next to the full frame Nikon D850:

Compared to the a7, though, the Nikon mirrorless cameras will feature “better ergonomics and a better grip,” Nikon Rumors writes.

Other rumored features and specs include 5-axis in-body stabilization, 9fps continuous shooting, 4K video recording, XQD/CF Express memory card compatibility, a 3.6-million-dot electronic viewfinder, a new mirrorless mount that supports f/0.95 NOCT lenses, and a sophisticated F-mount adapter.

“Nikon is putting a lot of emphasis and effort into the shooting experience of the new mirrorless camera,” Nikon Rumors writes. “The camera was designed with ergonomics in mind. […] I was told that Nikon is currently developing a large number of new mirrorless lenses and this is a top priority.”

In the area of lenses, Nikon Rumors is hearing that the initially announced lenses will be a 35mm and 50mm (possibly f/1.4), as well as a 24-70mm f/4.

The official announcement for these cameras may come as early as the end of this month, and the 25MP and 45MP cameras are said to have price tags of $3,000 and $4,000, respectively, bundled with a kit lens. Stay tuned.