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GoPro’s New Trade-Up Program Takes Nearly Any Camera in Any Condition


In 2017, GoPro announced a Trade-Up promo to boost the sales of its HERO5 Black — send in an older HERO camera and you got up to $100 off a new GoPro camera. This year, GoPro has just launched a new and improved Trade-Up: send in virtually any camera and in any condition and you get a hefty discount.

This latest program can score you a $50 discount on the HERO6 Black ($400 to $350) or a $100 savings on the Fusion 360-degree camera ($700 to $600).

The camera you trade in doesn’t have to be in good, working condition — you can even send in a broken digital camera that barely looks like a camera.

“Trade in any GoPro or digital camera, in any condition,” GoPro writes. “Dented, dinged, destroyed—no problem, we’ll take it.”

The only requirement for a digital camera to qualify is that it needs to have been worth at least $100 when it was originally new on a store shelf.

GoPro says that nearly 12,000 people sent in GoPro cameras during the 60-day promotion in 2017. With the expansion of the program, the company hopes to see an even bigger response this year.

To participate, purchase a GoPro HERO6 Black or Fusion through the Trade-Up website and you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label for your old camera. Send it in within 45 days, and your order will be processed and your new GoPro will be shipped within 14 days.

And in case you’re wondering what will happen to your old camera, GoPro says it’ll recycle it “responsibly via zero landfill and recycling methods appropriate to material type.”