The Cameras That Shot the Winning Photos of World Press Photo 2018

World Press Photo announced the 2018 winners of its prestigious photojournalism contest last week, and most of the winning photos (97 of 129) were accompanied by details of the cameras they were shot with. This year, Nikon took the lead from Canon.

The Spanish photo website Photolari gathered the data and broke it down for us. While in past years Canon has more or less dominated Nikon when it comes to representation among winning photos, this year the tables have turned.

51.5% of the winning photos were made with a Nikon camera versus 29.9% shot with a Canon. Last year, 55.5% were shot with Canon and 30.55% were made with Nikon.

Here’s the camera model leaderboard — the $6,500 Nikon D5, $2,800 Nikon D810, and $2,600 Canon EOS 5D Mark III were tied for 1st place:

Finally, Photolari also looked at the type of camera that was used. While mirrorless cameras have made major inroads into the camera industry, DSLRs still dominate when it comes to elite photojournalism.

Compared to 2017, though, mirrorless camera representation did grow from 5.55% to 11.3%. DSLRs dropped from 88.8% to 83.5%.

You can find the data from prior years here: 2017, 2016, 2015.