Canon G7X Mark III Photos Leaked: 4K Video is Coming [Updated]

Update: It turns out this was a hoax that spread quickly through the photography blogosphere.

The first photos of the upcoming Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III camera have been leaked, and the images reveal that 4K video recording is finally coming to the PowerShot line.

Photo Rumors received and published the first leaked photos of this camera, which will replace the Canon G7X Mark II. From the images, it appears that Canon is taking a new direction with the physical design of the camera — one that’s smoother, sleeker, and simpler.

Canon Rumors notes that a number of features and specs can be figured out from what’s seen in these photos.

First, the camera will shoot 4K/50P video, the first time 4K recording will be offered in a Canon PowerShot camera.

Other specs and features include a 1-inch sensor, 24-100mm f/1.8-2.8 IS 4.2x lens (35mm equivalent), USB-C, a microphone jack, HDMI, and a tilting screen that’s possibly OLED.

Just for the sake of comparison, here’s what the front and back of the current Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II look like:

There are no other details available about this camera at the moment, but we’ll likely be hearing more about it in the coming days.

Update on 1/20/18: Canon Rumors is now hearing from sources that “there is no PowerShot G7 X Mark III coming in the immediate future (ahead of CP+),” and that one will be announced later in 2018. There is a possibility that these camera images received by Photo Rumors may be fakes.

“If this is a fake, it’s the best fake of a camera we have ever seen,” Canon Rumors writes. “They’re usually very easy to spot with some PhotoShop curves work. It would also be the first time someone has faked a compact camera. A DSLR, a lens or a Mirrorless we’ve seen numerous times, but I don’t recall a PowerShot being faked.

“Is it possible this is an early design rendering from Canon that is not yet complete? That’s possible, although it would be the first 3D design rendering we’ve ever seen.”

What’s more, Rumors Dot Camera discovered that the wing and pug photos were obtained from the free photo service Unsplash. EXIF data on Unsplash reveals that the pug photo was captured with a Canon T6 Rebel and that the wing photo was actually shot using a Panasonic DMC-GX85. Curious.

Update on 1/25/18: It has come to light that an Italian vlogger named Breccia was the man behind these hoax images.