Samsung Mocks the iPhone in New Ad

Samsung just released this 1-minute commercial for the Galaxy Smartphone. Titled “Growing Up,” it directly mocks the Apple iPhone and its history of competing with the Samsung Galaxy.

In the ad, Samsung suggests that its devices have always been a step ahead of Apple’s when it comes to things like screen size, storage space, weatherproofing, and more.

Taking a page from Google’s Photos ads, Samsung highlights the pain iPhone photographers with smaller storage spaces feel when the “Storage Full” warning pops up when trying to shoot photos.

The ad also shows a guy and girl falling into a lake after the girl shoots a photo. The Samsung phone and the beautiful photo survives, but the non-waterproof iPhone is a goner.

What Samsung conveniently leaves out of the commercial, however, is the fact that Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone worldwide in 2016 when it was found to burst into flames and explode.