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14 Helpful Lightroom Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Photo Editing


Adobe Lightroom is an app that’s filled with all kinds of helpful features that can make life easier for you once you learn they exist. Here’s a 10-minute video by photographer Evan 5ps with 14 different tips and tricks that he uses on a daily basis.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different tricks covered (watch the video to see how they’re used and what they can do):

  1. Jump from Library to Develop by hitting the ‘D’ key
  2. Change your background color by right clicking on it
  3. Easily straighten your horizon by hitting Cmd/Ctrl key to open the Straighten tool
  4. Change your crop orientation by hitting the ‘X’ key
  5. Straighten out lines using the Transform panel
  6. View your photo in isolation by hitting the ‘L’ key
  7. Hide and show panels using the Tab key
  8. Increase slider length and precision by dragging the panel open more
  9. Make small slider adjustments by hovering your cursor over them and pressing the Up and Down keys (holding Shift adjusts in larger increments)
  10. Adjust your brush size using the ‘[‘ and ‘]’ bracket keys. Holding Shift adjust feathering.
  11. Copy photo editing settings by right clicking photos to paste them onto another photo
  12. Remove Develop modules panels that you don’t need by right clicking and unchecking them
  13. Selectively sharpen portions of your photos by hitting Alt/Option and using the Masking slider in the Detail panel
  14. Clone/Heal in a line instead of a point by holding the Shift key between clicks

If you’re just starting out in Lightroom Classic CC, these are helpful things to know to edit your photos more efficiently.

You can find more of Evan’s helpful photography videos on his YouTube channel.