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Tenikle is a 3-Tentacled, Suction-Cup-Covered Portable Tripod


The popular JOBY GorillaPod has a new challenger. Tenikle is a new three-tentacled and suction-cup-covered tripod that’s jumping into the flexible, portable tripod market.

Where the GorillaPod has 3 large legs, the Tenikle sports a trio of much more innovative limbs. The suction cups open you up to a whole host of mounting possibilities, including things that the GorillaPod could easily slip from.

Made for GoPros and mobiles, the Tenikle means you no longer need to carry around bulkier GorillaPods, suction cups, and other mounts. It can do a lot of stuff.

Like the GorillaPod, you can even use it as a selfie stick.

It’ll simply suck onto the back of a smartphone, but if you want to mount something more securely you can make use of its integrated screw thread.

Sporting 10 suction cups, each of which can hold 8 lbs (3.6 kg), the Tenikle will hold firmly for over 2 weeks when dry or over 4 weeks when wet (a quick lick improves the strength).

Plus, it’s super compact: just roll it up into a small ball when you need to store it away.

Here’s a quick look at the Tenikle in action:

It’s nearly the end of the Kickstarter campaign to bring Tenikle to market, at the time of writing, and they’ve already smashed through the $15,000 target with over $85,000 raised so far. If you’re quick, you can grab one for just $25 (if it successfully delivers) as part of the crowdfunding campaign (the retail price will be $30).