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Spekular is a Modular LED Light System That Takes On the Shape You Want


Spiffy Gear has just launched a new innovative LED light system called Spekular. Touted as “the Swiss army knife of LED lighting,” the modular kit consists of LED light bars that can be connected and arranged in whatever shape you desire.

Spekular is designed to be a single system that replaces things like light strips, soft boxes, and shaped lights in a photo studio.

“The system drastically reduces the number of accessories needed to create professional lighting setups,” Spiffy Gear says. “Spekular can be configured as a ring, a square, a strip, a star, a ‘standard’ panel, and many more configurations.”

Here are a few of the different catch lights that result:

Each LED light bar puts out 14.5W of light — equivalent to roughly 150W of halogen light. The lights have a 94+ CRI, helping to maintain a perfect color rendition of the scene and subject you’re photographing. They’re also fully dimmable without any flicker, giving you even more flexibility.

The standard Spekular kit contains four durable aluminum light bars, which has a light output equivalent to four “standard LED panels.” Bars can be joined using included ABS plastic connectors, and you also get a carrying case and mounting gear.

If you need even more flexibility, you can purchase additional pieces to grow your kit. A Spekular Star Adapter lets you arrange light bars into an 8-sectioned star with a shoot-through hole in the center.

There’s also an Extension Kit that lets you arrange lights in a 3-point lighting setup, complex arrangements, and long seamless strips.

Finally, there’s also a Battery Adapter that allows the system to be powered by any DTAP-enabled V-mount battery around the world.

Here are some different looks you can create using different arrangements of Spekular lights:

Here’s a short video that introduces Spekular and shows what it’s capable of:

The standard base kit can be purchased from the Spiffy Gear online store for $650. The Star Adapter, Extension Kit, and Battery Adapter cost $130 each. Going all-out on a fully-capable Spekular system won’t be cheap, but you’ll have one of the most flexible lighting setups on the market.