Adaptalux’s Pod Mini Controls the Lighting for Macro Photography

Adaptalux Pod Mini
The Pod Mini

Adaptalux is launching the Pod Mini, a small control unit that connects to Adaptalux lighting arms for macro photography.

The new product offers a “fully adaptable lighting system” which allows photographers to create multiple macro lighting combinations.

“The Pod Mini is a small, lightweight, durable, and powerful control unit that expands on the modular design of our flexible Lighting Arms, making even more lighting combinations possible. The only limit is your imagination,” the company writes on Kickstarter.

The Adaptalux Studio System

The Pod Mini is designed to work within the Adaptalux studio system, which allows photographers to connect modular, flexible lighting arms with LEDs or Xenon Flashes at the end. The Mini Pod is a control unit allowing the photographer to adjust the power of the lighting arms.

“Due to its small size, it can easily be transported and accessed quickly to provide instant macro photography lighting as and when required. It can be used alone or as an addition to other Adaptalux Studio setups,” adds the company.


The Pod Mini allows photographers to “easily set up LED and Xenon Flash Lighting indoors or out in the field.”

“Using our patented magnetic connector and famous modular design, simply connect the Pod Mini to Lighting Arms for instant light, exactly where you need it,” adds the company.

The Pod Mini gives camera operators the possibility to control, not only the power of the light, but also the beam angle, color, functionality (i.e. for video), and diffusion control.

“There are many reasons why the Pod Mini is an excellent addition to your camera bag,” the company says.

“An easy way to introduce yourself to fully adaptable macro photography lighting. The flexible and modular design allows for 1000s of lighting configurations to be made and you can add more gear as you need it.

“It’s very small and lightweight, making it highly portable and easy to access in any photographic situation. This also lends itself to getting your lighting into the most unique of places.”

Example photo

The Pod Mini is available via Kickstarter and is priced at $44 (£39).

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