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The Matador Base Layer is Like a Puffy Down Jacket for Your Camera Gear


Want to protect your camera gear with style? Check out the Matador Camera Base Layer and Lens Base Layer, accessories designed for “adaptive protection for the active photographer.” They’re essentially puffy down jackets for your cameras and lenses to wear.

The Base Layers are filled with a high-performance synthetic down called Sorona, which is used in things like clothing and bedding. The outside shell is padded and helps to protect your camera gear from weather, scrapes, and bumps. There’s an integrated rain fly for additional protection when things get really wet:

Although it envelops your camera, the Camera Base Layer can be quickly removed in less than a second to give you full access to your controls.

The Camera Base Layer is lightweight, weighing in at only 68 grams (~2.4oz), giving you camera protection with virtually no added weight.

Both Base Layers are flexible, adapting to different cameras, straps, and lenses. They’re compatible with most DSLR and Micro Four Thirds camera and lenses. The Lens Base Layer features a “rolltop” design that gives it a snug fit with a variety of lenses.

You can find the Camera Base Layer and Lens Base Layer for $60 and $40, respectively, on the Matador website.

(via Matador via Lifehacker)