Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro: The Ultimate All-Weather Jacket Set for Photographers

In the world of landscape and nature photography, capturing the perfect shot often requires venturing into harsh and unforgiving environments. Whether it’s trying to stay warm in the biting cold or attempting to stay dry in frozen rain, photographers need gear that not only shields them from the elements but also enhances their ability to focus on their craft. Enter the Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro.

Full disclosure: This article is brought to you by Haukland Photographer’s Clothing.

The Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro is a revolutionary jacket system designed to be the ultimate companion for photographers braving the elements. Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj has spent much of his decade-long photography career in harsh environments. After trying countless all-weather jackets on his adventures, Jaworskyj had always felt that they were missing features that would enhance a photographer’s ability to efficiently and comfortably capture epic landscape photos for their portfolio.

In 2018, he organized his photographer’s jacket wishlist that he had been accumulating, and founded Haukland Photographer’s Clothing out of his hometown in Germany. He partnered with respected clothing designers who could help bring his vision to life. The result was the original Haukland 7-in-1 Classic Photographers Jacket, which garnered wide praise throughout the landscape and nature photography industry.

Despite the positive reviews and popularity of the original jacket, Jaworskyj went back to the drawing board to add improvements to the design and upgrade the materials. The result was the Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro.

Unparalleled Protection Against the Elements

Harsh weather can be unforgiving, with freezing temperatures, biting winds, and unpredictable precipitation posing significant challenges for photographers. Whether in winter, fall, spring, or even early summer mornings, landscape photographers often find themselves in challenging environments. The Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro is engineered to provide unparalleled protection against the elements, ensuring that photographers can focus on capturing stunning images without worrying about the temperature, rain, or snow.

One of the standout features of the Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro is its advanced multi-layer insulation system, which combines a warm fleece jacket, a thick and well-constructed padded jacket, and a durable outer shell to provide exceptional warmth even in the coldest conditions.

The parka shell is made from high-quality sail sport membrane fabric, which gives it exceptional “medium to strong” rain protection, complete with taped seams that help prevent seepage. This design effectively repels moisture and blocks out wind, keeping photographers dry and protected even in the most inclement weather. This ensures that valuable camera lenses, batteries, and memory cards stored inside the jacket remain safe from water damage, allowing photographers to focus on their creative vision without worrying about the elements.

Whether shooting in sub-zero temperatures, chilling winds, or an intense storm, photographers can rely on the Parka Pro to keep them comfortably warm and dry throughout their outdoor adventures.

Versatility and Adaptability

Photographers often find themselves in situations where they need to adapt quickly to changing weather conditions or varying shooting environments. The Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro jacket set excels in versatility, offering a range of innovative features that cater to the diverse needs of photographers in any setting.

One of the key highlights of the Parka Pro is its modular design, which allows photographers to customize the jacket set combination according to their specific requirements. This begins with the base layer, a high-quality fleece jacket. This fleece layer has eight total pockets with five of those creating what Haukland calls the mini photo bag. This section of pockets made from mesh on the inside of the fleece is designed to carry memory cards, batteries, and lenses.

The second layer is a thick and warm puffy, or ‘padded’ jacket. The mini photo bag in this layer has a waterproof film to protect valuable photography equipment in the rain or snow.

The third layer is an incredibly durable wind and water-resistant outer shell made of treated outdoor fabric with a polyurethane waterproof membrane from sail sports fabric and taped seams for rugged weather. This layer contains 11 different-sized pockets including the five pockets in the mini photo bag. The two chest pockets are designed to carry lens caps while two large pockets can hold filters up to 100x150mm or the Haukland 3-in-1 photography gloves. An interior top left pocket can hold a phone, passport, or slim wallet.

This outer jacket can easily be connected to the padded jacket or the fleece using zippers, buttons, and eyelets. With all three of the layers active, the Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro can keep photographers warm in temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit or -25 degrees Celsius. This unique and easy-to-use layer system means photographers can easily adapt to fluctuating temperatures and activity levels without sacrificing comfort or mobility.

An All-Weather Jacket Set Optimized for Photography

While protection against the elements is paramount, the Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro also incorporates features specifically tailored to the needs of photographers. These thoughtful design elements not only enhance comfort and functionality but also elevate the overall photography experience for photographers.

Each layer of Haukland’s jackets includes a set of photography-specific pockets on the inside left panel, known as the mini photo bag. These pockets are carefully sized to hold extra batteries, memory cards, and even small to medium-sized lenses. Being that the internal mini photo bag is inside each of the layers in the jacket set means that they are protected from the elements, especially within the outer layer jacket shell.

This dedicated camera and accessory access system allows photographers to quickly and easily retrieve their gear without having to remove the jacket. Strategically placed openings ensure that photographers can access their equipment with minimal hassle, enabling them to capture fleeting moments quickly.

Each layer also has a built-in, easy-to-access lens cloth pocket. In all his years of landscape photography, Jaworskj noted that his lens cloth was the one piece of gear that he was never sure of its location. He would often find himself spending valuable time searching through every pocket on himself and in his backpack looking for a lens cloth, causing the light and the clouds in front of him to move out of their ideal positions. With the easy-to-access lens cloth pocket, photographers should never miss a moment when needing to quickly clean their lenses of fingerprints or dust.

Every aspect of the parka is designed with photographers in mind, offering a range of adjustable features that cater to the unique needs of photographers in the field. A total of 29 pockets ensures photographers are never short on space to carry whatever gear they might need quick access to. With its intelligent design, the Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro is optimized to enhance shooting efficiency and minimize distractions.

Durability and Reliability

In the demanding world of landscape photography, gear reliability is vital to capturing dynamic photos. The Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor photography, with durable materials and reinforced construction ensuring long-lasting performance in even the harshest conditions.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the Parka Pro is designed to withstand abrasion, tears, and other wear and tear associated with outdoor use. This durability-focused construction not only enhances the longevity of the jacket but also instills confidence in photographers, knowing that their gear can withstand the challenges that they face in the field.

Moreover, the Parka Pro undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure that it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. From stitching integrity to seam sealing, every aspect of the Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro is scrutinized to deliver uncompromising quality and durability that photographers can rely on in any situation.

Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro Signature Edition and Accessories

The Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro comes in two color variants. The Benjamin Jaworskyj Signature Edition is a sleek, all-black shell that is as stylish as it is functional. The Albert Dros Signature Edition has an attractive red shell that stands out extraordinarily well against landscape backgrounds. Both Signature editions come with a black padded jacket and a gray fleece jacket. The Signature Editions also come with three Haukland lens cloths, which can be placed in the dedicated lens cloth pockets on all three layers.

While Haukland’s first product was their original Haukland 7-in-1 Classic Photographers Jacket, they have since expanded their lineup to include other photography focused items. The Haukland 3-in-1 Photography Gloves consist of a softshell inner glove and a cozy warm outer glove. The outer glove can be opened at the fingertips through the welded YKK zipper to operate a camera or a phone. The gloves also contain a small zippered pocket on the top that can fit common hand warmers as well as SD cards and other small items.

The Haukland x EVOC Photo Backpack is an 18-liter camera backpack designed like the EVOC CP 18L, which was made for sports photographers.

For the Haukland edition, the side access was closed for increased theft protection and an additional large outer pocket was added. The interior of the backpack can accommodate one camera with a small telephoto lens as well as four other lenses. The arrangement can also be adjusted to each photographer’s needs by reconfiguring the velcro compartments.

The Ultimate All-Season, All-Weather Jacket for Photographers

The Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro stands out as the ultimate jacket set for photographers navigating the challenges of any weather situation. With its unparalleled protection against the elements, its exceptional versatility, its rugged durability, and its photography-specific features, the Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro offers everything a photographer needs to stay comfortable, focused, and productive in any outdoor setting. Whether braving pouring rain on a mountaintop or chasing the perfect shot in the midst of a snowstorm, photographers can trust that the Haukland 7-in-1 Parka Pro is the only jacket they will ever need on their rugged outdoor photography adventures.

Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by Haukland Photographer’s Clothing.