The AGUA is Like a Wet Suit Carrier for Your Camera


The camera gear brand Miggo has unveiled a new camera carrier called the AGUA. It’s a weather resistant bag that looks and feels like a wet suit designed for cameras instead of people.

On the outside of the bag is a layer of waterproof tarpaulin in matte black, and on the inside is a layer of Neoprene and Lycra. The materials give your camera protection against wet environments and bumps.

From the pre-production unit we got our hands on, the bag does feel well-made and durable.


These bags aren’t incredibly deep or spacious on the inside, so you probably won’t be able to fit a long and bulky telephoto lens inside, but it should be more than enough for smaller everyday kits.


The bag comes with a special quick release strap and mounting buckles for your camera. The camera can be securely attached to a failsafe buckle inside the bag, or directly to the bag’s strap if you’d prefer.

© Nimrod Genisher


While there are other all-weather solutions out there, the AGUA aims to be among the most portable and easy to use, allowing photographers to bring their cameras out into unpredictable environments without being weighed down by a bulky bag.


Miggo has launched a Kickstarter campaign to take preorders for the new bag, and the company has already rocketed past its goal of $20,000 in just a handful of days.

Here’s a short video introducing the AGUA and showing how it works:

The AGUA will be available in three different sizes: the AGUA 25 for mirrorless cameras, the AGUA 35 for smaller DSLRs, and the AGUA 45 for larger DSLRs. They’re currently priced at $55, $60, and $65 (respectively) for Kickstarter backers. No word yet on pricing when the bags arrive in stores later on.