Instagram Went Down for 15 Minutes and People Freaked Out

When your photo sharing app is used by hundreds of millions of users around the world, there are a lot of sad and angry people when your service goes down. Instagram crashed for about 15 minutes yesterday -- coincidentally April Fools' Day -- and people freaked out.

Adobe Creative Cloud Is Down, Rendering Apps Unusable… Chat Support Useless

Man down! And by man down, we mean Adobe Creative Cloud. Starting late yesterday afternoon, a number of subscribers to Adobe‚Äôs Creative Cloud platform -- myself included -- started noticing that upon trying to use our applications or login to with our Adobe IDs, an error message would appear, deeming the applications and services useless.

Stock Photo Service stock.xchng Down for Days, Users Left in the Dark

There's a slight mystery of sorts taking place in the stock photo community at this time. Stock photo service stock.xchng, reachable at, has been down for days now without reasonable explanation. The website is run by HAAP Media Ltd., a Getty Images subsidiary based in Hungary, and offers free-to-use images and illustrations to the masses.