3D Copypod is a Sphere of 100+ DSLRs That Can Digitize You

Creating a digital copy of yourself from all angles allows for high-resolution 3D-printing using the photos as a reference. A company in Beijing, China has developed the 3D Copypod, which does just this.

Based on the “Hoberman Sphere” (a geodesic dome which folds down to a much smaller size due to a plethora of joints), this dome can pop-up in an instant holding an army of DSLR cameras. Potentially over 100, if you were wondering.

“Objects are surrounded by a spherical array of over one hundred fixed focal length DSLR cameras,” the People’s Industrial Design Office says. “With minimal adjustment, the 3D Copypod can contract to scan small objects and expand large enough to scan a group of people.”

All of the folding panels are lit evenly to ensure a smooth lighting array around the target subject. If you’re camera-shy, this setup may be more than a little daunting.

There aren’t any sample images available at the moment of what this contraption can do, but we’ll update this post if we ever get our hands on any.

(via PIDO via Engadget)

Image credits: All photos by the People’s Industrial Design Office