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Mendr is the Uber of Photoshopping


Meet Mendr, the Uber of the Photoshop and image processing world. Nowadays, almost everything is moving online. Hailing a cab is now done on your phone with Uber. Airbnb let’s you crash on someone’s spare bed. Now you can send your photos off to be processed, straight from your phone.

Mendr is an idea brought to life by two entrepreneurs from Dallas, Texas: Pat Thibodeau and Josh Farrar. Like many photographers, they’ve had the endless requests to make small edits for friends and family on their snapshots.  It’s for this reason that they decided to create an app which allows photo-editing “on demand.”

“My wife was [always] sending me photos to edit,” Thibodeau tells FStoppers. “But there was just one day where I thought ‘why is there no service where you can simply send a photo off and have someone edit it and send it back, all from your phone?'”

Simply load up the app with its user-friendly interface, select the photo you want edited, and choose the adjustments that need doing.

Obviously the app is not targeted at professional photographers. The key feature of this is that it flows smoothly from your phone, with the image being sent and received right on your device. The target market is amateurs, or happy snappers, looking to improve their shots by removing an ex-partner, or touching up their make-up.

But next time you need to quickly clone out the dog relieving itself in the background of a nice holiday snap before you send it back to your family, you know where to go.

Mendr is available for both Android and iOS devices.