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12 Tricks for Photographing Cars with Your Smartphone


Want to shoot some opportunistic car photos but only have your smartphone on hand? In the 6-minute video above, COOPH has 12 tips & tricks that you can apply instantly to spruce up your automobile images.

For example, parking up at a 45-degree angle and in-line with a straight-edged shadow will provide a neat composition, as well as some funky reflections cast on the bodywork of the car.

It’s not just what is on the inside that counts… pay attention to what’s beyond the windshield and think about your backgrounds. Shooting interior shots with interesting surroundings adds an extra dynamic to the image — and you can use HDR mode to retain the details in the inevitably contrasting areas.

Another neat tips is: if you use panorama mode and have someone drive the car around you, you can capture a long, snaky shot of multiple “versions” of your car. No one needs to know you only own one Lamborghini, not three.

There are plenty more handy hints in the video, so hit play above and keep your Instagram game strong.