How I Built My Custom Vehicle ‘Obelix’ for Outdoor Photo Expeditions

As a landscape and travel photographer, I consider my camera gear the most important tool of my trade. I have been traveling for photography for so many years and have conducted several workshops in that span. This involved traveling to remote areas off the beaten track chasing the perfect shots.

DJI Patented a Camera ‘Vehicle’ that Looks like a Mini Mars Rover

Chinese drone company (and Hasselblad owner) DJI may be bring their ambitions back down to Earth, literally. A newly discovered patent granted to the company shows a land-based vehicle with a camera and gimbal mounted on top—sort of like a pared down version of one of the Mars rovers.

Movpak: Part Gear Bag, Part Electric Skateboard, Part Charging Station, All Awesome

It may have never crossed your mind, but what if you could ride your camera bag around town? What if, instead of carrying it, it carried you at up to 15mph for up to 9 miles, maybe even charging some of your small devices as you went?

Well, that's exactly what the Movpak -- part bag, part remote-controlled skateboard, part charging station -- does.