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Using Canon’s ISO 4,560,000 Camera to Shoot Glowing Turtles


Canon’s amazing new ME20 camera can shoot at a whopping ISO 4,560,000 and can capture incredible views of stargazers under the Milky Way. Now the short video above shows what the camera can do underwater — Canon and a team of researchers recently used the camera to shoot bio fluorescent turtles.

Researchers recently discovered a new species of biofluorescent turtle in the Solomon Islands, and cinematographer Andy Casagrande’s team utilised Canon’s ME20F-SH Multipurpose Camera to take some unique footage of the critically endangered turtle species at a remote coral reef.

The short video shows off the capabilities of the full-frame 2.2-megapixel sensor, which Canon says “enables researchers, professional photographers, cinematographers and enthusiasts to shoot impactful clear and crisp imagery, even when masked in darkness due to extremely low-light conditions.”

In the making of video below, Casagrande talks about using the viewfinder as a ‘scouting tool’ to help him see underwater without disturbing the natural environment, although the footage does show the use of a large lighting rig.

For more on Canon’s $30,000 ME20F-SH, take a look at our back-catalog of posts on the camera. Perhaps a few of you have saved up enough to buy one since the camera was announced in 2015!

(via Canon USA via Shutterbug)

Image Credits: Photographs by Canon USA