Canon USA Just Dropped Over 15% of Its Authorized Dealers

Canon USA cut 15% of its Authorized Dealers earlier this week. According to a report by Canon Price Watch, the company removed 71 online outlets and small stores—over 15% of its total network—in an effort to reduce operating costs.

Don’t Get Burned by Fake Camera Gear, This Video Warns

A couple of years ago, Canon USA and the National Crime Prevention Council launched a contest called "Stop Fakes" to raise public awareness about the dangers of using counterfeit power accessories. This 26-second video by Anthony Pegg was selected as the winner.

Using Canon’s ISO 4,560,000 Camera to Shoot Glowing Turtles

Canon's amazing new ME20 camera can shoot at a whopping ISO 4,560,000 and can capture incredible views of stargazers under the Milky Way. Now the short video above shows what the camera can do underwater -- Canon and a team of researchers recently used the camera to shoot bio fluorescent turtles.

Canon’s New Billboards Provide Real Time Photo Tips

Canon's latest billboard ad campaign in New York City does more than promote the camera brand: they can actually help you shoot better photos. Each of the fixed and mobile truck billboards is updated in real time with useful photo tips you can use on the spot.

Canon is Suing Gray Market Camera Gear Dealers

Canon USA has filed lawsuits against a number of camera gear retailers in an attempt to stop the sale of gray market camera gear. The gray market is when a dealer imports and sells unauthorized gear that was intended for another country's camera market. The cheaper gear is legitimate, not counterfeit, but it's unauthorized and usually isn't covered by Canon's warranty.

Deal Alert: Get $125 Off When You Buy $500 or More in Refurbished Canon Gear

Alright folks, we don't often post about deals but this is a great one and it's only available through midnight tonight (Eastern Standard Time). If you're in the US and you're okay with buying some refurbished Canon gear instead of brand new, today only, you can get $20 off a purchase of $100 or more, $50 off of $250 or more and $125 off $500 or more.