This is What You Can Capture with the World’s Smallest GoPro Drone

Video effects specialist Robert McIntosh wanted a tiny but powerful camera drone, so he built himself the world’s smallest high-definition drone. It’s a drone that can squeeze through the smallest of spaces, as you can see in the unusual 2-minute video above.

“This is without a doubt the world’s smallest HD camera carrying drone seen capturing this epic continuous shot of the infamous Muscle Beach CA,” McIntosh writes. “Smaller, lighter, better.”

His drone weighs just 94.7 grams with a stripped down GoPro camera mounted on it, and about 120 grams with a flight battery and foam roll cage. Just for reference: a GoPro HERO5 Black camera itself ordinarily weighs 118 grams, so this complete GoPro camera drone weighs about the same as a GoPro.

Here are all the parts McIntosh stripped off his GoPro camera before it was mounted on the drone:

Size-wise, the drone uses 2-inch propellers and measures about 5 inches wide and 3 inches tall — small enough to fly through the gymnastics rings on the beach.

Here’s some raw flight footage and outtakes prior to digital stabilization using ReelSteady — as you can see, the drone was flown with the camera pointing forward, and the resulting video shows the footage played backward: