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A Landscape Photographer’s Quest for a Perfect Sunset Photo


Sometimes the excitement of another photographer seeking out the perfect landscape shot is all the inspiration we need to get outside ourselves. Join landscape photographer Adam Karnacz on a quest for the perfect sunset photo in this 12-minute vlog shot among the stunning vistas of the Lake District in Northwest England.

In landscape photography, sometimes nothing goes right, but then there are days like this one where everything falls in to place. Karnacz’s enthusiasm is infectious as he takes us with him to the top of Wall Crag, which overlooks the beautiful Derwent Water – the perfect setting for capturing a brilliant sunset.

His video is worth watching it in full, but there are 2 main shots that Karnacz takes along his route.

At 2:35, he stops on his way up the mountain for a shot overlooking the valley with gorsh bush and a pathway providing the perfect leading lines out and over the visa before him. The sun is high in the sky, so he uses wide bracketing (+3/-3) to capture the full dynamic range, enabling him to bring back some detail in the sky.

At 5:10, he reaches his main destination at the top of Wall Crag absolutely thrilled, with the weather coming in perfectly for his shot. Karnacz plays with a few different compositions, before settling on his final image:

All in all, it’s just a good, wholesome video about one man tackling the wilderness to get his photography mojo back. Check the full video out at the top – we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

For more of Adam, check out his website and his YouTube channel First Man Photography, which has new videos up every Sunday.

Image credits: Photographs by Adam Karnacz and used with permission.