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When You’re Taking a Photo Class But Your Only Friend is a Cat…


This digital contact sheet is what you get when you’re doing a high school portrait photography project, but your only friend is a cat.

“This was a high school photography class I took in 2011,” the photo enthusiast, Cherie, tells PetaPixel. “The assignment was to photograph a subject in different types of light: silhouette, glamour, split light, etc.”

Cherie says she didn’t have any friends at the high school she could call upon, so she decided to shoot portraits of her cat Pumpkin.

“I used a desk lamp behind a poster board, put the cat on a stool, and attempted to get him to stay,” she says. “It wasn’t easy… It took hours. He did not enjoy the ordeal. I used a fake flower and string to try to occupy him because I didn’t have any cat treats.”

“I ended up with a B overall,” says Cherie. “I’m sure the teacher got a kick out of it and hasn’t forgotten.”

“Everyone else photographed people.”