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Canon 5D Mark IV Firmware Update to Reduce 4K Crop from 1.74x to 1.27x


Rarely has a headline so technical been so genuinely exciting. In addition to the rumored addition of C-Log, a new report claims Canon will also significantly improve the crop factor for 4K video shot with the 5D Mark IV from 1.74x to just 1.27x, letting you take advantage of a lot more sensor.

The longer we wait, the more details come to light about Canon’s rumored firmware update for the 5D Mark IV. We already told you about C-Log, but according to a new report by Canon Rumors, the video capability of the full-frame camera will be improved even further with this update, especially where 4K shooting is concerned.

Some highlights:

  • DCI 4K resolution will be increased to 5632 x 2970 or 1.27x crop factor.
  • UHD will go up to 5472 x 3078, or 1.29x.
  • 1:1 4K sampling will remain an option for those who want to use the 1.74x crop
  • Canon will add full-sensor 3K capture at 60fps and HDR 24fps.
  • 1080p will also use this same 3K mode, down-sampled to 1080 for improved perceived resolution.

Additionally, CR received more details about the rumor that you will need to send your camera into a service center for these updates. It sounds like, from this new report, you will not necessarily need to do this.

The new firmware will work on non-serviced cameras, but there’s a chance the camera will overheat. If you want to avoid this, you’ll be able to send your Canon 5D Mark IV in to be retrofitted with a better heat sink. All new models, meanwhile, will ship with the better heat sink already installed.

For now, none of this has been confirmed or officially released by Canon, so take it with the appropriate amount of repressed hopes. We’ll keep an eye out, and let you know as soon as any of this news becomes official.