Crazy or Brilliant? Guy Films Cinematic Video by Hand-Holding a Drone

Credit where credit is due: this is a creative workaround. If you need a way to stabilize your footage, but you don’t have any kind of gimbal or steadicam to work with, why not just shoot the thing by hand-holding your drone?

That must have been the thinking behind this video by a small Brazil-based production house called Space Criative. They show how a whole ‘cinematic’ couples video was filmed by using a drone that never actually took off. Instead, one of the Space Criative guys used it as a hand-held camera and followed the couple around; and you have to admit: from candid shots to running footage, the little DJI Phantom did a pretty good job keeping the footage stable!

Here’s the full video:

This kind of “outside the box thinking” is exactly what the little production house says it’s all about. “Space is different,” says the company description. “We think outside the box. A producer who gives the real meaning of the word ‘creativity.'”

It looks like GoPro messed up with the Karma Grip. I mean, who says a drone’s gimbal has to be removable? Nobody, that’s who.