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GearEye Uses Tags to Take a Roll Call of Your Camera Gear



GearEye is a new smart gear management system that can help photographers keep an “eye” on the gear in their camera bags. It uses RFID tags to track each of your precious items, alerting you if anything is absent from the roll call.

Sound familiar? The product idea is pretty much what KitSentry was trying to do in 2015. After raising $27,039 from over 200 backers, KitSentry pulled the plug on the project in August 2016, leaving backers without any reward for their contributions.

If you were intrigued by that idea, then GearEye is another chance for you to see it turn into a commercially viable product.

The main components of the GearEye system are RFID GearTags on your gear, a GearEye Dongle or Case, and the GearEye app on your smartphone.



After sticking the GearTags on your gear, scanning them, and then naming that item in your app, you’ll be able to quickly take a headcount.


Ready to take off for a certain photo shoot? Create a list of the gear you need to bring, and then app can quickly ensure that all those items are in your camera bag before you leave.

Once your shoot is done, you can do another headcount to make sure you’ve placed everything back into your bag. If anything is missing, the app can notify you and you can use the Dongle or Case to track down the missing item.


GearTag is currently raising funds for their product through Kickstarter, where it has already eclipsed the initial $60,000 goal. At the time of this post, over 900 backers have already contributed over $150,000 toward the product. If you’re interested in backing GearTag, a standard kit with a dongle and 20 tags is the reward for a pledge of $129 (if the project ends up delivering).