NYA-EVO’s Latest is an Expandable and Weather-Resistant Photo Backpack

Someone rolls up the expandable top of a Fjord 50-C camera backpack.

NYA-EVO’s latest gives adventure photographers a new backpack option that combines function and flexibility while maintaining the weather resistance that the brand has become known for.

The Fjord 50-C has a ton of features, but what stands out is its ability to go from a 40L capacity backpack to one that holds up to 50L. There are bigger backpacks meant to store camera gear, of course, including the company’s Fjord 60-C, but the build puts this bag in a sweet spot. It has a ton of space, but it’s still carry-on compatible, which makes it far easier to travel with. According to the Kickstarter page, the Fjord 50-C has a roll top with a zip closure, which lets users easily squeeze in more storage space. It can also fold down multiple ways when not in use.

The Fjord 50-C camera backpack with the expandable top displayed.

In addition to its shape-shifting capabilities, Nya-Evo’s Fjord 50-C has a ton of features for adventure photographers. The backpack is made out of water-resistant Econyl nylon (which comes in black and pine green color options) with a waterproof Hypalon base, so there’s no reason to worry about putting it down in snow or rain. Plus, it comes with a rain cover for added protection. It also sports glove-friendly zipper pulls and buckles and holders for plenty of gear like a helmet, rope, snow shovel and probe, dual ice axes, skis, poles, and camping gear.

The Fjord 50-C camera backpack rests on the ground by a car.

Two photographers take pictures outside with Fjord 50-C backpacks.

Since 50L means carrying around a heavy load, the Fjord 50-C has supportive height-adjustable straps along with a removable waist belt. There’s also a lightweight aluminum frame to keep the backpack’s shape and help better distribute weight. Inside, users can keep things organized with NYA-EVO’s removable camera inserts, which come in sizes x-small, small, medium, and large, or the Assistant Pouch 1.5, an accessory pouch that holds 1.5L.

The Fjord 50-C backpack on a car.

A product shot of the Fjord 50-C camera backpack with the attachable mesh.

Two Fjord 50-C backpacks on the grass.

Backers have a number of options depending on how much they would like to give. Starting at €20, NYA-EVO offers an Assistant 1.5 Pouch, which users can attach to the waist belt of all Fjord backpacks, not just the Fjord 50-C. For €10 more, backers get the Assistant Pouch 1.5 with a shoulder strap. €55 will give backers an x-small RCI pouch with a shoulder strap.

The Fjord 50-C expandable camera backpack in black.

A person wears the Fjord 50-C backpack in pine.

The back of the Fjord 50-C expandable camera backpack in the color pine.

To get a Fjord 50-C, backers will have to put in €280, about $304. That includes the backpack, removable waist belt, rain cover, and helmet mesh panel. They also have their choice of color. From there, higher amounts include that bag and various sizes of the RCI pouches. For €470, backers will get the Fjord 50-C and all four RCI sizes, if they get in early. After the Early Bird offer expires, the price goes up to €540, or about $586.

A product shot of the Fjord 50-C camera backpack in the pine color.

A photographer by the water takes a picture while wearing the Fjord 50-C expandable camera backpack.

So far, NYA-EVO has raised $46,473 of its original $13,564 goal with another five days to go. PetaPixel has tested NYA-EVO’s previous backpacks that also got their start through crowdfunding and ended up recommending them highly.

Disclaimer: Make sure you do your own research into any crowdfunding project you’re considering backing. While we aim to only share legitimate and trustworthy campaigns, there’s always a real chance that you can lose your money when backing any crowdfunded project.

Image credits: Nya-Evo