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Qualcomm ‘Clear Sight’ Will Put Dual Cameras in a Lot More Smartphones



Qualcomm thinks dual cameras are the future of smartphone photography, and they’d like to get on the train before it picks up too much steam. Enter ‘Clear Sight,’ the company’s new dual camera module that’s probably gonna start popping up in smartphones all over the place.

Clear Sight is a dual camera ‘package’ that Qualcomm has developed to work specifically with their Snapdragon 820 or 821 processors. Basically, any Android phone using these processors will now be able to slap in the Clear Sight module without any additional hassle—no need to develop their own dual camera system, this one is ready made.

It works exactly like Huawei’s P9 camera system—and not like the iPhone 7 Plus’s—in that one sensor is color and the other is black and white. So while the iPhone focuses on giving you more zoom power with the second camera, the second sensor in the Qualcomm module is all about capturing more detail and better low light shots.


“Without the color filter, these black and white photos have much better contrast, and in low light have less noise and improved sharpness,” explains Qualcomm. “When color information from the other photo is merged, you can get a fantastic image. This is Clear Sight.”

No word yet on what kind of resolution we’re looking at, but the release of Qualcomm’s Clear Sight module is a big deal for anybody who enjoys smartphone photography and wants to see it improved. Now, manufacturers who want to build dual cams into their next phones have an easy, all-in-one option available.

To learn more about the Clear Sight module and what all it can do, head over to the Qualcomm website here.

(via Qualcomm via The Verge)