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Abstract Photos of Oil Spills that Look Like Iridescent Eyes



Photographer and artist Fabian Oefner is known for his creative work with paint, oil, and even petrol. He’s a master of finding beauty in chemistry, and capturing that beauty through his camera lens. Oil Spill, his most recent project, is no exception.

The photographs you see here were created by filling a black basin with water and injecting small droplets of oil onto the surface with a syringe. “Upon contact with the water, the oil started to expand and form into magnificent structures,” he explains on his website. “Some of them seem to look like stars exploding, others look like a photograph of the iris.”









“What I like about the series is that it is quite a simple phenomenon,” says Oefner. “Yet strikingly magic and beautiful.” They’re also completely real, without any need for Photoshop to create the colors you see here.

Like much of Fabian’s work, this is science visualized through photography.

“The various colors result from the reflection and refraction of light, as it passes through the oil film and back into the camera lens,” explains Oefner. “Depending on how thick the oil film is, the colors change from blue, green to red, until finally they disappear again.”

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(via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Fabian Oefner.