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Ep. 99: Nikon Takes a Little and Gives a Little with the D3400…Very Little + more!


Episode 99 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Patrick Murphy-Racey, Sony Artisan of Imagery

In This Episode

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Sony Artisan of Imagery Patrick Murphy-Racey opens the show. Thanks Patrick!

Nikon severely underwhelms with the D3400 which is basically a slightly upgraded D3000 with some features taken away. (#)

Friend of the show (and fellow listener) Doug Kaye from TWiP Network’s “All About the Gear” has a $100 off deal for his Cuba workshops in honor of our 100th episode! Use discount code “SHARKY”. Check out his Cuba pics and more.

Canon patents a variant of a crazy superzoom that may or may not materialize…but why? (#)

Leave your camera bag unattended in a big city and the bomb squad may just blow it up! (#)

A photojournalist’s gear gets splattered by pink fire retardant dropped from a firefighting plane above his home. (#)

Parks Canada bans the use of devices to locate collared animals as “wildlife photographers” ruin things for everyone else. (#)

Datacolor puts together an incredible bundle for those who want an end-to-end focus and color management system. (#)

We’re one episode away from our milestone 100th episode!

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