Meyer-Optik Releases 3-Element 95mm f/2.6 Lens for Portrait Shooters


Meyer-Optik is on a hot streak—releasing lens, after lens, after special edition lens—and the newest piece of glass to get a USA release is their Trimagon 95mm f/2.6: a “dynamic modern lens” that features a simple 3-element design.

The Trimagon shouldn’t be confused with the 100mm and 50mm Trioplan lenses Meyer-Optik has released previously. Notably, this lens does not boast the Trioplan’s iconic “soap bubble bokeh.” It is, instead, a portrait lens for those “who value artistic composition,” features unique lens coatings and high-quality glass to reduce flare, and boasts “a pleasing circular bokeh” produced by its 15 aperture blades.

Meyer-Optik is also touting the lens’ sharpness, claiming it “is suitable for resolutions from 60 million pixels and even more.” And Alexander Henry, a photographer and author who has been shooting with the lens, said the lens, “significantly reduces the amount of post-production required.”

The manual focus only Trimagon 95mm f/2.6 was already released in Germany, but is now available in the US of A in Canon, Nikon, Fuji X, Sony E, MFT, and Leica M mounts for $1,700. Learn more about the lens or purchase one for yourself over on the Meyer-Optik website.