X1D Will Get Zoom Lenses, Hasselblad CEO Sets the Record Straight


Three days ago, Hasselblad said that developing appropriately compact zoom lenses for the X1D would be “almost impossible theoretically.” Well, now they’re taking it back. CEO Perry Oosting is issuing a correction: there will be zoom lenses.

Oosting recently sat down with the folks at DigitalRev’s Bokeh blog, and one of the first things he apparently corrected was this zoom lens gaff. “Let me correct that a little bit…there will be more lenses coming.” said the CEO. “There will be also zoom lenses coming. So that is something we have to correct.”

It seems someone running social media for Hasselblad messed up.


Oosting wouldn’t reveal anything more, focusing instead of the qualities of the 45mm and 90mm lenses already announced—and mentioning the 30mm lens Hasselblad has promised at Photokina—but he seems confident Hasselblad’s engineers can make a compact zoom for the X1D.

Consider the record straightened.