Is This the First Leaked Photo of the Canon 5D Mark IV?


Hope you’re in driving distance of Bolivia, because this one should be swallowed with “largest salt flats in the world” levels of salt. It seems the first picture of the Canon 5D Mark IV being tested in the wild might have leaked.

Originally reported by the folks at EOSHD, they stumbled across this photo posted to Instagram by Red Bull-sponsored windsurfer Levi Silver:

A photo posted by Levi Siver (@levi_siver) on

The caption reads, “Classic crew right here. Working on a windsurf feature for the new unreleased Canon camera.” Then, in the very first comment exchange on the photo, Silver either confirms or jokes that the camera he’s talking about, the camera in the photo, is the Canon 5D Mark IV:


The “leak” has been met with sufficient skepticism from the Canon faithful that it’s worth putting the word in quotes. Besides, the camera is hidden in so much shadow that the “leak” doesn’t really reveal much.

Still, this may very well be the first hype-driven controlled leak from Canon ahead of what is expected to be an August release. Plus, according to Canon Rumors, there may be another leak hidden in this photo. “A forum member pointed out the lens hood of the attached lens and that they couldn’t identify it,” writes the rumor site. “We do know the soon-to-be-announced EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III has a new lens hood, the EW-88D.”