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Experience a Tornado’s Terrifying Power Up Close in These 360° Videos



360° video and virtual reality headsets have made it possible to experience situations you would never in a thousand years want to see first-hand, and high on that list is driving up to or getting steamrolled by a powerful tornado.

The two videos below offer two different but equally terrifying immersive 360° experiences. The first was captured on May 25th by a 360° camera placed directly in the path of a tornado in Abilene, Kansas by stormchasingvideo.com and jwsevereweather.com; the second was filmed by ‘extreme storm chaser’ Reed Timmer, who drove right up to a tornado near Wray, Colorado.

If you have Google cardboard or something similar (and a strong stomach) we definitely suggest you watch these in VR to get the full heart-stopping effect: