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The Lightroom Develop Preset Creator: Make a Random Look for Your Photos



The Lightroom Develop Preset Creator is a new browser-based app that can generate presets with random looks for your photos. If you’ve ever wanted to use random filters in Lightroom, this site can help you do it.

The service was created by Allen Serhat, who works full time in information technology but has a huge interest in photography on the side.

“I have been interested in photography for a while now learning about different cameras, styles, techniques etc, owning camera from a Canon PowerShot S30 to a 5D Mark III,” Serhat tells PetaPixel. “It wasn’t until about three years back I started using Lightroom more more seriously to learn editing techniques and where it can take my images.”

“I soon learned about the concept of presets and how I can easily store some common settings I might want to apply on all my images as good start and some that I can apply to images taken in similar weather, etc,” he continues. “This new world for me got me to think: what if I could randomly set the settings per images?”

His resulting website is minimalist in its interface. To get started, you’re presented with a list of checkboxes for the Lightroom settings you’d like to randomize with the preset: Basic, HSL, Black and White, Tone Curve, Split Toning, and Enable Lens Correction.


Then, hit the “Create” button, and you’re given a link to download your randomly generated preset. You won’t know what look the preset applies until you try it out in Lightroom.


Here are some before and after images showing examples of randomly generated looks:











Head on over to the Lightroom Develop Preset Creator if you’d like to give it a shot.