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Funny Photographer ‘Confessions’ You Can Probably Relate To



What’s your deepest… darkest photography secret? Do you occasionally give in and shoot *shudder* Auto? Is your most popular photo taken with *shudder* an iPhone? This silly DRTV video is all about these kinds of “shocking” photographer confessions.

Warning: The ‘confession’ starting at 3:55 may be considered inappropriate by some (or many). Proceed at your own risk.

Over the top (as usual), the best part of this video is actually the confessions it has inspired over on Reddit and in the YouTube comments. Scroll down to watch the video for yourself, and then keep scrolling to read some of our favorite photographer confessions posted so far:

I…I….I…sometimes prefer IG filters to anything I can do in lightroom/photoshop.
– planetb00m, Reddit

I…I *cannot maintain eye contact* I, sometimes use Auto tone in Lightroom *falls to the floor trembling*.
– PrymLens, Reddit

Last week… *Wipes tear* Last week I used part of my student loan check to fund a Tamron 15-30 2.8….. To go with my D750 from last years check.
– Tridawgn, Reddit

I still take photos with the kit lens… and I like it.
– Lex Arias, YouTube

I bought a Battery Grip just so my camera looked more professional.
– darwis lim, YouTube

I always shoot with a lens hood regardless if I need it or not because it looks cool on the camera.
– w33b3l, YouTube

And… of course… the confession we can probably all relate to:

I…I buy all this expensive camera equipment but barely use it…
– Cloudyyyy, Reddit

What’s your photographer confession? Let us know in the comments down below.