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This Software Lets You See and Record Light Paintings While You Shoot Them



We just found out about a really neat piece of software for Canon DSLRs. Called LooZ, it lets you see and record what you’re light painting as you light paint it, taking the guesswork out of complex light painting creations and letting you share the final process in video form.

The Windows-only software was created by light painting photographer Santiago Di Lorenzo for Canon EOS DSLRs. It uses your LiveView to capture what you’re light painting as you light paint it, and spit out a video file of the result.

You can control basic settings like shutter speed and aperture, select a standard camcorder mode or light painting mode, choose whether or not you want to save the image you created, and actually begin shooting the exposure right from inside the program itself.

Here’s a demo of LooZ in action:

Of course, as with anything not created by the makers of the camera, we do not encourage or suggest that you use this with your Canon DSLR. If you undertake installing LooZ on your PC and using it with your camera, you do so at your own risk (and there is always risk).

To learn more or download LooZ for yourself, click here. And if you want to see more of Santiago Di Lorenzo’s work, head over to his website or give him a follow on Facebook.