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13 Creative Light Painting Animations


Light painting is when you use bright points of light and long exposure times to “paint” light into a photograph. You’ve probably seen numerous tutorials on the technique by now, but if you haven’t, we posted a brief tutorial on the technique about half a year ago.

In addition to single frames of creative light painting, numerous photographs can be combined to create stop-motion animation done with light painting photographs. In this post we’ve compiled an awesome list of light painting stop motion videos to inspire you. Enjoy!


Japanese animation crew PIKAPIKA specializes in light painting, and incorporates many groundbreaking ideas and experiments into their videos.

#2: Lightpaint Piano Player

An animated character playing a real piano. The frames were shot with a Canon Rebel with 20-30 second exposure times.

#3: Lucky – All India Radio

This video, created by Australian animation company Dee Pee Studios, was created using glowsticks. Each scene typically took a whole night to photograph.

#4: Light Graffiti / Painting Stop Motion

Each photo/frame in this video took 30 seconds to a minute to expose.

#5: POWER PILL light painting

A creative short film about a man whose video game comes to life. It was done entirely with still photographs and light painting.

#6: SPFW – IG Light

A medley of different light painting animations.

#7: Light Painting

A commercial that utilizes light painting animation.

#8: Spider walk

A short, conceptual video of a spider walking that took two hours to shoot and half a day to put together.

#9: Light Painting Animation

A simple compilation of various light painting animations set to a beat.

#10: Electrobloom – Michael Bosanko

Conceptual video of a flower blooming. What’s interesting about this video is how objects are three dimensional when the camera moves.

#11: Light Painting

An interesting compilation of clever light animations by Zé Brandão.

#12: Sprint – Light Trail

A Sprint commercial that follows around a beam of light traveling around a city and ending up at a woman’s phone.

#13: Light Graffiti Fight

A stop motion fight that uses light painting in creative ways.

I think the concept of animation using light painting and stop motion is still relatively unexplored, and that some serious thought and a lot of effort could easily yield a super-viral video. Are you up to the challenge?

Video credits: Videos copyright their respective owners. Sources can be reached by via the YouTube or Vimeo logo in the videos.