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How to Make a Stronger Suction Mount Than GoPro for Half the Price


Here’s a quick DIY video from Kyle Martin on how to create an extremely powerful suction mount for your GoPro instead of buying GoPro’s $40 suction mount. The video is 6 minutes and will show you how to create the mount for around $20 in materials.

GoPro’s official $40 suction mount.

You’ll need just a few things. Firstly, a suction cup of your choosing. These suction cups have a massive amount of holding force and are typically used for moving glass or tiles.

You’ll then need a 1/4 x 20 bolt (the standard tripod thread size), a drill, and a GoPro tripod mount. You’re going to have to drill a hole through the top of the suction cup and secure the tripod mount to it using the bolt.

In the video above, Martin runs through how to disassemble the suction cap for easy drilling and then put it back together with the tripod mount attached.

It’s a pretty simple DIY project but will save you a bit compared to the official GoPro suction mount, and you’ll end up with something with far more suction power.

(via Kyle Martin via ISO 1200)