BTS: Creating a 5-Minute Airline Brand Film Using the New Canon C300 Mark II

Swiss International Air Lines, the flag carrier airline of Switzerland, just released this 5-minute short film titled “The people behind SWISS.” It’s a look at the work done by over 100 of the company’s 8,000+ employees spread across 30 different divisions, and how their efforts all come together for the service provided to passengers.

The video was created by director Kevin Blanc, the founder of the Z├╝rich-based LAUSCHSICHT. Over 20 hours of footage was captured in 4K with the new $16,000 Canon C300 Mark II camcorder and edited down for the 5-minute final product.

“Canon offered us to test and use the new EOS C300 Mark II as first production in Switzerland,” the LAUSCHSICHT team says.


If you’re wondering what goes into a production like this, here’s a 2-minute behind-the-scenes look:

And if you’re wondering more about the new Canon camera, here’s a 4-minute video review in which Blanc and company offer their thoughts after using it:

“It is by far our most ambitious project,” Blanc tells PetaPixel. One that “gives viewers unique insights into a fascinating company and its people.”