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This Stop-Motion Animation Was Created with 3D Printed Babies


“Run Baby Run” is a new video by artist Eran Amir that shows a baby running through all kinds of locations. It was entirely captured in camera with no green screen or digital manipulations.

After designing the baby’s form, Amir printed out a series of sculptures showing the baby in different points of its running motion. He then fashioned a bent pole that keeps the sculptures at the same position in front of the camera, and then took the setup to various places, both urban and out in the open landscape.

By shooting photos of the sculptures in sequence while moving his camera a little for every shot, Amir creates the illusion of running and movement. The whole project took 3 months to plan and shoot.




Here’s a behind-the-scenes making of video that shows how it was done:

You can find more of Amir’s work on his website and in our archives.